St Monica's IMPACT Group in Flixton ACT To Protect The Environment

One of the central aspects of the YCW as a movement, is that it empowers young people to SEE the world around them, JUDGE that reality in light of the Gospels and then enables them to ACT as the change our world needs.

This Method has served the YCW well since its inception and in England and Wales we are always hearing of our Groups developing their own leadership through it.

One recent example was St Monica’s Impact group in Flixton. Following on from Salford Diocese’s Bishop, John Arnold, who wrote a letter to all praishes asking them to thinking about our world in light of Laudato Si, the Group took their first step towards answering that call.

Flixton Litter.jpg

Following a discussion they decided to spend part of their meeting time clearing the church car park of rubbish, which was later taken to the recycling centre. This is their first step and have many more actions in mind.

Marc Besford, National Training and Development Worker, congratulated the Group, saying: “For many people, they see the problems within the world and feel unable to do anything about it - even something quite small. However, through the YCW we believe that we are all called to be leaders and take responsibility for being the difference. The Group have made a great start here and I look forward to hearing more about what they have planned soon.”