Be The Difference - About The Campaign

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The purpose of this course is to give you a definitive pathway to becoming a YCW leader. It is not an award scheme. Becoming a YCW leader is just a beginning!

The course is designed to help you develop leadership qualities and skills through a programme of 12 units, each with 3 stages. For each stage there are instructions on how to complete it and where to find the necessary information.

After completing Stage 1 of Units 1 & 2 you can complete the other units in any order.  You should try and complete the course in 9-12 months.

After each stage fill in the Record Card to keep track of your progress and ask your Adult Companion or a YCW National Leader to countersign.

When you have completed all units please send your Record Card and Final Reflection sheet to National Headquarters.

The National Team will arrange for a Recognition Ceremony, either locally or regionally, for groups of new leaders.