Catholic Bishops General Election Materials

The Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales (CBCEW) have released some guidance ahead of the upcoming General Election in May. Catholics across the country are encouraged to use these materials ahead of making their vote in order to fully inform themselves of the teachings of the Church and how they may be reflected in the political sphere. The guidance covers a range of issues from matters of life to domestic poverty and community relations.

Phil Callaghan, National President of the YCW in England and Wales, responded to the release of this guidance. 'I am delighted that these materials will enable Catholics across the country to engage in these important issues ahead of the General Election. We in the YCW feel strongly that it is part of our Christian duty to use our vote effectively to ensure that the voice of young people is heard within society.' He concluded, 'I thank the Bishops for their guidance and I encourage all Catholics to use it to and to engage with politics both on a local and national level.'

These documents are all available to download from the Bishop's Conference website at