Remembering Joseph Cardijn's Life

This past Sunday (the 13th) we celebrated the anniversary of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn's birth. Cardijn founded the YCW in 1925 in response to the harsh working conditions he encountered in his native Belgium.

He devoted his life to the movement, aiming to "reconcile the Church with the industrial workers of the world".

He served as an adviser during Vatican II and was made a Cardinal in 1965.

The official cause of canonisation was opened in January 2014 and we continue to pray for the work of the Church tribunal. 

Cardijn's life, work and teachings remain with us today and his See, Judge, Act method is an integral part of how the YCW seeks to develop young Christian leaders. His words about the essential relationship between faith and work remain as true today as when he first spoke them: 

"Religion should not be outside of ordinary, daily life, but rather it should animate and transform it into a truly divine life."