Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard

With the General Election coming up on the 8th June, it is essential that you are registered to vote.

The deadline for registration is 22nd May, less than 2 weeks away.

You can do so online here: (It should only take 5 mins)

The YCW believes it is vitally important for the voice of young people to be heard in the campaigns, manifestos and ultimately, the result. This means that the politicians and their parties should do their utmost to engage with young people, listen to their concerns and priorities and then show, through their actions, a willingness to respond.

But this also means young people taking the responsibility to get involved too.

Since the election was called, 390,00 young people have registered, which is fantastic. However, there will be many more who have not and will miss out on the opportunity to have their voice heard.

Pope Francis puts it simply: "A good Catholic meddles in politics, offering the best of themselves." Let's make sure we fulfil our calling to engage fully in public life and use our votes on June 8th.