Billingham YCW Group Meets With ICYCW

On Thursday 27th July 2017, Billingham YCW group, whilst on pilgrimage to Rome, visited the International Coordination of the Young Christian Workers (ICYCW) HQ to meet the team there.

Berhanu Sinamo, who is the International President, and Idy Balberan, the International Treasurer, warmly welcomed the pilgrims, gave them a tour of the HQ and spoke about their work, their ambitions and future projects, whilst also giving the Group a greater understanding of the International dimension of the YCW.

Berhanu said of the group β€œIt was a great experience and exchange for us and also to meet young people from the local level. They are doing great work, especially regarding fundraising activities and support for others outside their parish.”

Marc Besford, who led the YCW group, said: "This was a unique opportunity for the group to meet the International team and for them to share their experience of the YCW. They quickly understood that they were part of something bigger than Billingham."

The President of the Billigham YCW Group, Callum Walker, added: "I really enjoyed meeting the International team. We were all saying that we were looking forward to returning to the parish with a better understanding and realisation of how our work is truly contributing to an international movement of young people."