YCW Launches New National Campaign

Members of both YCW and Impact groups across England and Wales have expressed their deep concerns about the current help available to young people with mental health problems. In addition to this, there are concerns about the growing stigma attached to mental health problems specifically in schools and colleges and work places.

In response, the YCW National Team wants to look at this issue much more deeply and find out the opinions and experiences of young people by running an action campaign called Mind! The Gap.

An action campaign brings together all members of YCW and Impact! to address a topic of current interest and relevance to the lives of young people. It is a process of study, reflection and action which helps us to realise that we have a great deal to offer to others and power within us to change things for the better.

An Action Campaign is carried out on a national basis so that we can as a Movement join together, along with our friends and contacts, to make a difference on a wider scale.

The campaign follows the See – Judge – Act approach which every YCW and Impact group uses at their regular meetings, just on a wider scale.

The first stage of the campaign will be about hearing and then sharing the results of our enquiries. Details will be out soon regarding how you can share your thoughts and experiences with us, so please keep an eye out. The more we hear from you, the more fruitful we will all find the next stages of our campaign.

MIND The Gap Logo.jpg