YCW Returns To Middlesbrough Diocese!

After almost a decade away from having a group presence in Middlesbrough Diocese, the YCW has successfully formed a new group in St Patrick’s Catholic College, Thornaby.

Damian McCann, Fr John, Sean Smith, Me.jpg

It follows the appointment of former YCW member, Damian McCann, as Deputy Head of the school and a visit up to the area from the National Team earlier this year.

In recent years there has been an increase in requests from Catholic secondary schools who wish to start groups. This can lead to a renewed level of energy in the pastoral care of students and an increase in charitable works and community outreach.

Many teachers and chaplains have come to understand that the methodology and mission of the YCW is an appropriate way of combining all of this.

It also enables young people grow in confidence and responsibility, deepen their faith and develop their interpersonal skills and talents. 

Marc Besford, National Training and Development Worker, welcomed the new group setting up, saying: "As a local lad it is great to see a growing presence of the YCW in the area. We have an enthusiastic group of young leaders who are keen to develop their own leadership abilities through our method."