NEC Meets To Discuss Latest Updates On The Movement

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Last month the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the YCW in England and Wales met to talk through the latest plans for the movement going forward.

The agenda for the day looked at reviewing the work that has been undertaken regarding the development of Groups - both YCW and IMPACT - improving communications within the movement and without and exploring opportunities to strengthen the finances of the charity.

Since moving up to Trafford Park, the focus of the movement has been to re-establish the presence of the YCW in schools and parishes across the North East and West. So far, the fruits of this work have been a doubling of Groups. The NEC, therefore, wanted to see how this can be sustained and built upon - looking at further opportunities to get started with. Plans are in place to develop as many as 19 more over the coming months.

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As the movement looks to expand, we also have to take advantage of the advances around technology and improve our communications. So far we have began this with a new monthly e-newsletter, which shares some of the inspirational work of our Groups and highlights upcoming events or training. This has already helped establish a revived Past Members Group that has met a few times now at the HQ.

It was also a chance to look at how the movement raises money and encourages donations. As we are totally funded by grants, donations and membership fees, it is essential that we have an effective strategy for raising the money to keep the development going. We are hoping to see some success from these efforts over the coming months.

The NEC also began the preparation for the new YCW Leadership Programme, which is currently being drawn up. It will look to distil the experience and expertise of the movement when it comes to building leadership skills amongst young people and offer them a chance to step up, take responsibility and Be The Difference!

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Finally, as we approach the final stage of the MIND! The Gap national campaign on young people and mental health, the NEC discussed how best we can encourage Groups to ACT on what they have Seen and Judged so far. As a national team, we will be looking to form our own ideas on how we can ACT on the issue - with a particular focus on how it could tie in with Laudato Si.