Urmston IMPACT Group Pilgrimage to Rome

On the 10th February, the Urmston Impact group travelled on Pilgrimage to Rome. For many of the members it was their first time visiting Rome and what a first time it was for them! We asked Joe Shekelton to write up his review of the trip and share with us how it went:

With visits to all four major basilicas, celebrating mass in three of them (in beautiful side chapels) and Reconciliation in one, it highlighted to the group the strength and beauty of our own religion in a way that we had not seen before. Along with visiting many other churches, we could reflect on our own lives and come back with a better viewpoint of our daily responsibility to “be builders of the world” as Pope Francis asks us to do.

Urmston Rome 1.png

Whilst also being in Rome, we were reminded of our responsibility to help others and stop injustices in society. This has inspired us to carry on with our work of community sponsorship of a refugee family in our very own parish. Whilst in Rome, we gave toiletries to the local friary which will directly go towards helping homeless people in the city of Rome.

Urmston Rome 2.jpg

We also visited many historical sites such as: The Pantheon, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and The Spanish Steps. We also visited the Venerable English College, where we were given a tour and had Sunday mass. We saw Fr John, the National Chaplain, in the College – a lovely surprise.

Urmston Rome 3.jpg

This was, of course, all topped off with amazing Italian food and gelato in various restaurants around this beautiful city.

The Urmston group would like to thank our adult companions for the trip: Michelle and Luke and also our Chaplain, Fr David Featherstone. We would also like to thank all the people who supported us with funds for our Pilgrimage and all the support which was given from our Parish. We could not have done it without you all!

Here are some of the thoughts from other members of the Group that we wanted to share:

“It was an amazing experience and we’re very fortunate to have had such amazing support from the Parish to go on this fantastic Pilgrimage” - Yasmin

“Our Rome Pilgrimage was a once in a lifetime opportunity made possibly through independent efforts of the group combined with the generosity of the Parish. The experience was thoroughly enriching, and I hope that I’ll get the chance to go back in the future” - Kate

“Rome was such an amazing experience and one I’ll never forget – it really helped me grow and understand my faith – I am very appreciative of the parish for help raising the money for the trip of a lifetime" - Anna

“A very inspiring trip and something that I am so glad I was part of” - Delfin

“The Pilgrimage to Rome was a great experience, I had an amazing time” - Aoife