Trafford Park HQ YCW Group Meets

The regular meeting of the YCW Group based at the Trafford Park HQ has met to discuss the topic of young people and mental health.

The group used the National Campaign MIND! The Gap resource (which can be found here) to explore the topic and ask members of the group their thoughts and opinions about this incredibly important issue.

The first question they tackled was about the understanding of the term "mental health". It was generally agreed that using the term "mental health" often carried wholly negative ideas and emphasis, whereas the more positive areas of mental health were ignored. This often means that mental health becomes a taboo subject, compared to wider health issues that people seem happier to talk more freely about.


The group also focused on the issues around mental health and work. The main conclusion here was that it didn't really matter the type of work you are doing, so long as it gave you dignity and you could feel valued and appreciated.

Alongside important issues of pay and conditions, members felt being able to take pride in one's work had the biggest impact on having good mental health.

Finally, stress and being made to over-work were the biggest aspects of poor mental health, and yet, few in the Group felt they would call in sick on the basis of poor mental health.