Loreto IMPACT and YCW Group Take Action on Human Trafficking

This week the YCW Training and Development Worker, Marc Besford, and National Chaplain, Fr John Marsland, went to visit Loreto Grammar School's IMPACT and YCW Group.

The young people at the All-Girls Catholic School have been exploring the issue of human trafficking over the school year, following a talk about it by Sr Imelda who talked about her experience of dealing with this in Albania.

Loreto Grammar.png

As part of their Group work, the young people began by looking further into the topic during the SEE and JUDGE stage and decide that they wanted to take action around it.

Their first ACT was to raise wider awareness of human trafficking by speaking at their school assemblies. This was followed by some fundraising efforts to help support the work tackling it around the world and giving support to the victims of it.

Human Trafficking.jpeg

Marc Besford commented on the work of the Loreto Group saying: "The girls at the school are a great example of how youth leaders can use the SEE, JUDGE, ACT method to tackle important issues. I was really impressed about how they worked together to raise awareness amongst their peers. I hope they will continue to successfully use the YCW method on other topics in future."

As well as their work on human trafficking, the Group have begun exploring the current YCW National Campaign on Mental Health called MIND! The Gap. They will be using some of the resources to look more deeply into this important topic.