YCW Group Meets at Trafford Park HQ

The regular meeting of the YCW Trafford Park HQ Group met last week to continue their ongoing discussions around the National Campaign, "MIND! The Gap".

Having previously used the Mental Health resource to more broadly cover the general issue around it, the Group delved more deeply into the topic of relationships and their impact on the mental health of young people.

Trafford Park Group.jpg

To begin with, the values of good and bad relationships were talked about including the link between this and mental health. For many young people, there is increased pressure on them from a variety of sources and if this is not dealt with openly it can lead to a negative spiral.

Added to this, the Group discussed some of the difficulties that many young people face to financially sustain relationships and friendships. Often the cost of socialising means there is huge pressure to spend too much money and potentially fall into debt. This too was raised as an issue that could negatively affect someone's mental health.