North East Visit to St Anthony's IMPACT Group

Fr John, Sr. Josepha and Me.jpg

As part of the recent visit to the North East region of YCW and Impact Groups the National Team visited St Anthony’s Girls' Catholic Academy in Sunderland. 

They spoke with Sister Josepha, who is adult companion to the Impact! group, in order to get an update about the work of the group and listen to some of the future plans.

The Group here were previously nominated for an award at Million Minutes in the category for young people who protect the dignity of workers. As runners-up St Anthony's had their tremendous work highlighted as an example for other young people to follow.

Fr John Marsland, National Chaplain of the YCW, praised the work of the Group saying: "These young people are a fantastic example of how using the the YCW method and building up skills in Christian leadership can make a massive difference. We hope to be back soon and hear more great things. Well done to them all!"