Billingham YCW Group ACT To Help Local Foodbank

Billingham YCW Group have again been in action to raise money for their local foodbank, following a successful fundraising effort by the young leaders.

St Thomas of Canterbury parish hosted an afternoon tea event, organised and ran by the young people of the group on the Feast of the Assumption. It came after the group had seen a story detailing how Billingham foodbank was running low on several essential items.

Billingham Foodbank.jpg

The fundraiser collected over £150 for the foodbank and the young people decided to buy as many needed items with the money raised and deliver it to the foodbank personally. Items included: UHT milk, men's toiletries and other tinned foodstuffs. 

Ben Sinclair, member of the Billingham YCW Group and current National Secretary, said: "We were really pleased with the response from our parish and happy to see the amount of items we have been able to buy go to a worthy cause. It is really important that we now reflect on how we can continue to develop our Christian leadership on this and many other issues we all face."