YCW Helping To Support Local Schools Project

Earlier this year the YCW launched our national campaign on Young People and Mental Health.

We were looking at reality for young people when it comes to this incredibly important issue and an overwhelming amount of our members expressed their deep concerns about the current help available to young people with mental health problems, as well as the stigma attached to it.

MIND The Gap Logo.jpg

Because of this concern the YCW began MIND! The Gap and have been working through the SEE, JUDGE and ACT method with our groups.

On the back of this work, we have been asked to help support a project in three Salford Catholic high schools - St Ambrose Barlow, St Patrick’s and All Hallows. Newly ordained Fr Gavin Landers is organising a programme of issues to be explored at each school - ranging from the environment to mental health - and was keen to collaborate with the YCW on it.

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Marc Besford, National Training and Development Worker, met with Fr Gavin to talk about how the YCW can help. He said: “When I heard about the initiative I thought this was something we could help support. We have been grappling with many of the issues around mental health over the past year and of course, have lots of experiences working with young people. I hope that the project goes from strength to strength and want to thank Fr Gavin for his willingness to work together on it.”