New YCW Group Sets Up In Oldham

There is further good news on the development of our movement following another YCW group being set up in St Edward’s Parish in Lees, Oldham.

The new group emerged after Fr John Marsland, the current National Chaplain for the YCW, moved to the parish earlier this year and got quickly to work in finding interested people. His appeals for both adult companions and young people in the parish were responded to with great enthusiasm and this month the group met for the first time.


As expected, the first meeting of the group looked more deeply at the fundamentals of the movement. Marc Besford from the National Team joined the group to help them explore Cardijn’s 3 Truths: the Truth of Faith, Reality and Method - as Cardijn described them: “The three truths that light up and explain the problem of working youth in the world today”.

It is through the contradiction between the truths of Faith and Reality that we can truly understand and appreciate the need for the SEE-JUDGE-ACT method. This gives the young people an opportunity to discuss their own realities and examine how this all fits into their local communities and the wider world, but then inspires them to act upon this with authentic Christian action.

Fr John welcomed the new group, saying: “This is hopefully the beginning of a very exciting journey for these young people; a journey of discovery about their own selves, their power to be leaders and make a difference but also a journey of faith and how this can be their guide throughout their lives.”