NEC Hosts Former Members For Christmas Reception

The YCW has held a Christmas reception for former member to thank them for their service to the movement and celebrate another successful year across England and Wales.

National President, Kate Wilkinson, said: “It was a wonderful opportunity to meet up with current and former members and I was grateful to be able to thank them for all they do. We have incredibly strong bonds from over the years and across the country, so we hope to continue to build upon this going forward.”

Past Members.jpg

It followed a meeting of the NEC that looked at how we can start to ACT on a national scale, in response to the National Campaign on mental health and young people called MIND! The Gap. One of these actions will be to lobby for all schools to have comprehensive mental health policies and train staff in how they can best support young people around this topic.

In addition, we have also made plans to gather support locally for the Garden Project at the HQ and will start to progress this scheme over the next 12 months.

NEC pic.jpg

National Council 2019 was also discussed and invitations will be sent out in early January to all groups and members with full information about this important event.