NEC And Trustees Meeting Latest Update

The YCW Trustees and NEC met a few weeks ago to review the progress of the movement, discuss current plans and policies, and explore plans for the year ahead.

The National Team report outlined all the work over the summer visiting groups, organising training and representing the movement at a European and International level. Key points included the REM in Portugal and the associated Chaplains training, increased publicity online and in the Catholic press and successful fundraising efforts.


We also welcomed on board a new Trustee - Marie Reynolds - who is a former member of the YCW and has been part of our past member working group since the 80th Celebrations in 2017.

The NEC also took the opportunity to review the past year’s action plan and will be refreshing it for the upcoming 12 months. One particular new project will be how we can expand the role of the regions in the movement and help build leadership across all parts of the country.