New Leeds Diocese Project Partners With YCW

An exciting new project is being set up in Leeds Diocese by the Leeds Justice and Peace Commission, which aims to engage more 16-30 year olds around the issue of Catholic Social Teaching .

The two year project is looking at how this can be done in Groups and sustain itself after the 2 years are up. It was the YCW’s experience of working with young people in groups that meant we were called upon to see if we could help.

Leeds J&P.jpg

In response, Marc Besford, YCW National Training and Development Worker, joined the Project Steering Group and went along to speak with the representatives. The Steering Group members first decided to focus on developing a common understanding of what the project was and hoped to achieve.

After this, the discussion moved towards how best to engage those not already involved in Parish life. There were suggestions for a series of workshops to be put on that may focus on a range of issues young people face and are interested in getting involved with.

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The YCW approach is always to be led by the reality of young people, and we helpfully shared how the use of the SEE-JUDGE-ACT method is a fantastic basis for any discussion with young people. Through this Method, young people gain confidence and develop their leadership qualities but also a deeper understanding of the Gospel message and what it calls us to do in society.

Marc Besford said: “We look forward to continuing with the Steering Group and sharing some more examples of how empowering young people in the Church can lead to amazing results. It sounds like a very worthwhile project.”