HQ Garden Project Gets Further Endorsement

Following on from the successful visit to our local MP, Kate Green, to discuss the idea of our MIND! The Gap Garden Project action, the National Team has received further support from our local Ward Councillors.

Councillors David Action and Laurence Walsh visited our HQ to have a look at the plans for the Garden and offer their support for the scheme. One of the items was how we could work together to help any fundraising efforts, including access to any local community funding.

Councillors Garden Project.jpg

There was also a chance to discuss how the Garden - once completed - could be promoted to the local community and used by those who perhaps work in the area. A key component of the scheme is that it becomes a space away from the busy, industrial surroundings, where workers can enjoy some peace and quiet.

This was inspired by the words of Pope Francis when he said: “We were not meant to be inundated by cement, asphalt, glass and metal, and deprived of physical contact with nature.”

Speaking about the meeting, Marc Besford said: “It was really helpful to meet up with our local Councillors and we thank them for taking the time to come over and see our plans. We want to use this project as a means of creating more of a community around our HQ and so it is great to have growing support for it.”