New Group Established In Oldham

There is further good news about the development of another IMPACT Group being formed in Oldham, this time based in St Patrick’s Parish.

Marc Besford from the National Team visited the Parish following an expression of interest from the Parish Priest, Fr Phil Sumner. He met with over a dozen enthusiastic young people who were keen to get involved with the work of the YCW.

St Patricks Oldham.jpg

The young people were given an introduction into the fundamentals of the movement, including the YCW Method and the focus on developing young people into Christian leaders. Asked what their realities were, the young leaders talked about the injustices of being unable to access adequate public transport. This meant that many of them struggled to access a wider pool of opportunities for education, work and socialising.

As the young leaders in St Patrick’s continue to work through the YCW Method we hope to share more about their development.

Marc Besford, National Training and Development Worker, said: “It was great to see so many young people want to explore how they can step up and make their voices count. In the YCW we believe there is power in giving young people the chance to take a lead in response to the challenges within their own realities. I hope to visit St Patrick’s again soon to see more of their work.”