Bishop Of Shrewsbury Endorses YCW Leadership Programme

The YCW has been rolling out its own leadership programme - called Be The Difference - following a launch at National Council in March. Since then, resources have been produced and training undertaken to officially begin in September.

The purpose of this course is to give young people a definitive pathway to becoming a YCW leader. It is not an award scheme. Becoming a YCW leader is just a beginning!

We have sought endorsement for the programme and been incredibly grateful to have such a positive response. One of these endorsers is the Rt Rev Mark Davies, Bishop of Shrewsbury. He met with our National Training and Development Worker, Marc Besford, to discuss the programme and look at how best it can supported.

Bishop Mark and Marc.jpg

Marc said: “I am very thankful that Bishop Mark took the time to meet and discuss our new leadership programme. His endorsement will help us to get more young leaders on board and we hope to see more YCW Groups across Shrewsbury soon.”

The course is designed to help you develop leadership qualities and skills through a programme of 12 units, each with 3 stages. For each stage there are instructions on how to complete it and where to find the necessary information.

After completing Stage 1 of Units 1 & 2 you can complete the other units in any order.  You should try and complete the course in 9-12 months.

After each stage fill in the Record Card to keep track of your progress and ask your Adult Companion or a YCW National Leader to countersign.

When you have completed all units please send your Record Card and Final Reflection sheet to National Headquarters.

The National Team will arrange for a Recognition Ceremony, either locally or regionally, for groups of new leaders.