Young Christian Workers Across Europe Meet To Discuss The Future Of Work

Young people from the European Young Christian Workers’ (YCW) national movements of Portugal, Spain, Catalonia, France, Italy, England and Wales have gathered together in Porto, Portugal in order to discuss “The Future of Work”.

This REM (Rencontre Européen Militant), which is a meeting of young YCW leaders, took place between 25th-29th July 2019 and was attended by members of the International Secretariat of the International Coordination of the Young Christian Workers (ICYCW).

During this meeting, young people were able to share their experiences of working life, for example: what motivates them and what makes them happy. We also discussed our concerns about the future of work, since we are facing a new revolution in many forms of work. With the growth of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, we have reached a point of unprecedented challenge.

Below is our joint statement detailing what we discussed, our concerns and what we propose needs to be done in response.

REM Statement 1.jpg
REM Statement 2.jpg

There are also some great pictures of the REM we wanted to share.

REM Conference.jpg

Thank you to all those who attended, especially to JOC Portugal for their hospitality and those who organised it.