YCW Shows Solidarity With Workers At ASDA

The YCW has joined with local workers to protest the imposition of a new contract on staff that would remove pay for breaks and force employees to work bank holidays. The consequence of not signing would mean workers being fired on 2nd November.

The protest by staff from across the country was organised by the GMB union and our neighbours in Trafford Park, St Anthony’s Centre for Church and Industry.

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Members of the YCW National Team joined staff and trade union members to express their solidarity with many of the young workers under threat.

The demonstration was also joined by local MPs and supported by many of the shoppers who were passing by.

Marc Besford, National President of the YCW, who attended the protest said: “We have a lot of our young people who work in the service sector, especially when they are just starting out in the world of work, so we wanted to show our support for their rights and dignity.”

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