Additional YCW Testimonies Uploaded

When we launched the 80th year of the YCW in England and Wales last year, we asked for any stories about the peoples' experiences of the movement over the past 80 years.

We have had some wonderful responses come in following this, ranging from the very earliest days, to some more recent ones. Despite the time from which they come from, the common theme within each is the powerful impact of the movement and the lifelong lessons, skills and experiences it instilled in the young people involved.

The testimonies are from across England and Wales, and explore what it was like for members within ordinary Parish life and special trips oversees to join the international movement. They also include accounts of seeing and hearing Cardijn himself, in particular his trips to Britain.

Cardijn Rally 2.jpg

Thank you to all those who have responded so generously and especially to the Cardijn Association who kindly shared their amazing work in collecting some of these stories. They are always very supportive of the YCW and their help is greatly appreciated.