YCW HQ Welcomes New Group

Last week the YCW HQ in Trafford Park hosted a new group that is being formed in Holy Cross Parish in Patricroft, Eccles.

The new group visited the HQ in order to find out a bit more about what the YCW is and does, including the basic fundamentals of the SEE, JUDGE, ACT method.

National Training and Development Worker, Marc Besford, led the session and explained how a YCW Group runs, the various ways in which young people can take on the leadership of the movement and ultimately, how the Groups can help strengthen the link between their reality and the Gospels.

Marc said: "It was great to see another new group being formed in our local area. The young people who came along were really enthusiastic and keen to learn more about the YCW. I look forward to hearing more about what they have planned."

National Chaplain, Msg. John Marsland, also joined the Group and spoke about the importance of the Chaplain's role in encouraging the young people to take the lead, whilst being their for support and guidance.

Holy Cross Group.jpg

The Group took a tour of the house, doing the "HQ Quiz" where they had to find the answers to questions that explained a bit about the history and current reality of the movement. They also did a quick JUDGE exercise to get them thinking about the range of injustices in the world and how they might take the leadership in overcoming them.

Overall, it was great to see the young people begin their YCW journey and we wish them all the best with it.