National Team Visit Billingham YCW Group

This past week, Marc and Fr John from the National Team, spent several days visiting the North East YCW and Impact groups, as well as potential new groups that are being formed.

One of the first stops was with the Billingham YCW Group, where Marc was a member before moving down to work at the YCW Trafford Park HQ. The Group is based at the Parish of St Thomas of Canterbury.

Billingham YCW 2.jpg

The group here have shown great commitment to the YCW over the years, culminating in them winning the Joseph Cardijn Award, for young people who protect the dignity of workers, at the Million Minutes Awards last November.

The Group at St Thomas of Canterbury were applauded for their "zeal for social justice and promoting the dignity of others." 

Billingham MM Awards.jpg

Therefore, it was worthwhile seeing what more is being done to build upon this impressive record of authentic Christian action and grow the membership in the parish.

Marc Besford said: "It was fantastic to come back and visit the Group here in Billingham. I know from my time here that it is important we show our appreciation and support for their work from the National Team. I hope they can continue to be inspirational young leaders to their peers."