IMPACT Resources For Groups

Central to the Young Christian Workers is the opportunity to come together and discuss important issues in the lives of young people. The realities of our members is what drives forward the movement.

That is why we produce essential resources for Groups to engage with and help kick-start the YCW method of SEE - JUDGE - ACT.

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We have separate resources for Impact and YCW Groups, with the latter currently being refreshed. 

However, our Impact ones are available and have already been bought by many of our groups and those interested in starting up new ones. 

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For IMPACT Companions there is a special guide on "The Art of Accompaniment" with a foreword by Rt. Rev. John Arnold, Bishop of Salford. It sets out the all-important role of the Companion in accompanying the young people on their journey of faith, letting them lead but being there to support them.

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For the Groups there is a separate Impact Handbook, which explores how, in Pope Francis' words, young people can "Be Builders of the World". It offers a plan to follow if you are starting new and some useful tools to help you on your way.

Kate Wilkinson, National President, said: "In the YCW movement, we believe that young people can do great things and that given the chance they can make a real difference to the world in which they live in and beyond. I would encourage anyone interested in our movement to buy our resources and start putting it into action."