YCW National Team Meet With New Bishop of Lancaster

Following his installation as Bishop of Lancaster earlier this year, the YCW National Team, as well as the local YCW/IMPACT Group in Preston, were invited to meet with Bishop Paul Swarbrick to discuss our purpose, presence and mission across Lancaster. 

The YCW has a large presence in the Diocese thanks to the excellent work of local volunteers, such as Terry Mattinson and Anna Gregson. It was explained how the YCW method of SEE, JUDGE and ACT developed the leadership abilities of the young people, who have consistently used it to take authentic Christian action in service of others.

National Team, Bishop Swarbrick, Terry 2.jpg

Bishop Swarbrick was told about their specific work on issues around mental health, bullying, the environment and international development but importantly, how this develops the confidence and faith of the young people.

Following these discussions, there was a positive discussion about the future development of the YCW across wider parts of the Diocese and how we can work together in partnership to deliver this.

In response to the meeting, Marc Besford (National Training and Development Worker) said: "This was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the positive impact of the YCW on young people and their local schools and parishes. We are now looking at ways in which we can help deliver more for other young people in the Diocese and are planning on visiting again soon."