Visit to Loreto YCW Group

During a recent visit to Loreto Catholic Grammar School for Girls, National Training and Development Worker, Marc Besford, met with 4 young people who are now part of the new YCW group there.

As part of their discussions they talked about the current YCW National Campaign on young people and mental health - MIND! The Gap - and the new Group were keen to help build upon some of the early work organised by the National Campaign Team. 

Marc and Sue - Loreto.jpg

They are looking at doing their own mental health pupil survey, in order to understand the reality of young people at the school and are also helping their Chaplain, Sue Perkins, with peer-to-peer mentoring.

As well as this, the Group have exciting plans to continue supporting the schools charities and are looking to do assemblies for their peers to raise issues and awareness.

Marc Besford congratulated the new Group on their formation and said: "Loreto have had a strong YCW/IMPACT Group for many years now and it is fantastic to see another group of young leaders emerging. I just want to thank them for all they are doing and encourage them to keep working hard to be the difference!"