YCW Visit to Cardinal Hume School and Sixth Form

During a recent visit to the North East region the National Team visited Cardinal Hume School and Sixth Form to discuss the work of the Group there.

The team spoke with Damian McCann, the Head of Catholic Ethos is the school and his Deputy Lisa McBride about how the YCW can do more to help develop the leadership skills of young people at the school.

Damian McCann, Fr John, Sean Smith, Me.jpg

This involved looking at some of the new YCW resources and how these can help develop better use of the SEE, JUDGE and ACT method. The method is important to the YCW because it encourages the young people to deepen their understanding of the issues in their reality, reflect of the truth of the Gospel within that and then take authentic Christian action in response.

At Cardinal Hume, the Group have been very active in supporting their local foodbank, including raising awareness of it and fundraising efforts.

Marc Besford, National Training and Development Worker, said in response to the visit: "The Cardinal Hume Group are a great example of how the development of a Catholic ethos in the school can be built around the young people becoming leaders."