Diocesan Faith in Action Day Attended By YCW

Earlier this month the YCW were invited to speak at Northampton Diocese's second annual "Schools Faith in Action Day" at St Paul’s, Milton Keynes.

60 Year Ten students, representing half of the High Schools in the Diocese, attended the day alongside Bishop Peter Doyle.

Milton Keynes 2.jpg

The day began with a Q&A session with Bishop Peter, which allowed the young people the opportunity to question him on issues such as as the importance of prayer, how he puts his faith into action, and the role of women in the Church.

Following this, a series of workshops gave the students a chance to delve deeper into a range of issues, one of which was about the dignity of work - organised by the YCW. The focus of this workshop was the call to all young people to become leaders, whether that is amongst friends and peers or in the wider community and world.

It also included the chance for the young people to explore our current National Campaign on young people and mental health - MIND! The Gap. Discussions were held around how this important issue could be used alongside the YCW Method to develop the leadership qualities of young people.

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Ben Sinclair, who is National Secretary of the YCW and attended the day on behalf of the YCW with former National President Phil Callaghan, congratulated the organisers of the day, saying: "I was really impressed with the Faith in Action Day and want to thank the organisers for inviting us again to it. The young people we spoke to were incredibly enthusiastic about the challenge of taking authentic Christian action in response to the needs of our world."