Stockton Visit By National Team

Last month the National Team visited Stockton in the North East to talk with Fr Jeff Dodds about setting up some new groups in the 3 parishes that he is responsible for.

The meeting occurred following the fantastic example of the Billingham YCW Group and their reputation for engaging young people to See, Judge and Act as Christian leaders.

Fr Dodds has invited the National Team to come back up soon to talk at Masses in the Parishes and begin the training of adult companions who will take up the work of setting the groups up. 

Marc Besford, National Training and Development Worker, welcomed the chance to see more groups set up, saying: "It’s great to see the word spreading about the impact of the YCW on young people and their local communities. We are really keen to come back to Stockton and help in any way we can to get even more groups set up."

Fr Jeff Dodds, me.jpg