JUDGE Resource for "MIND! The Gap" Campaign Launched

Following on from our highly successful SEE stage survey, which gathered over 1000 responses from young people, we have put together a new resource to dig more deeply into the JUDGE aspects of the YCW method. 

Click on the image below to download the resource.

Judge Resource Pic.jpg

This initial resource will begin the exploration of what the survey responses make our groups think about the state of mental health amongst young people.


Of 1093 young people who responded:

42.5% said they had experienced a mental health issue personally.

61.8% said they had experienced a mental health issue with their friends, family or colleagues.

53.2% said they felt listened to when they spoke about their mental health issues.

31.1% of respondents, when asked to explain their understanding of mental health, described it in purely negative terms.

53.6% of those who had direct/indirect experience of mental health issues referenced "anxiety"; 45.7% "depression"; 17.3%"pressure/stress".

MIND The Gap Logo.jpg

It will also involve looking at the reality of what affects mental health - for good or bad. For example, good things included: Socialising, Family/Friends, Music, Encouragement and bad factors were: Stress, Exams, Loneliness, Stigma, Self-Doubt.

Finally, by judging the results through our faith, Groups will develop their understanding of how we can have a genuine Christian response to those who need our support and help.

Kate Wilkinson, National President of the YCW, said: "We were incredibly pleased with the number of responses we go to our survey, it showed us just how important this campaign is to young people. Therefore, we wanted to use these findings to inform this current JUDGE stage and really inspire our Groups to dig even deeper into the topic."