Preston IMPACT! Group Join Leadership Project For Women And Girls

With the focus on developing leadership among the young people of the YCW and IMPACT! Groups, we were proud to support an additional initiative from the Preston IMPACT!.

The group is getting involved in a UKYouth led project called “EpowHER” which is also supported by the British Red Cross. EmpowHER inspires young women and girls lead change in their community. The programme, delivered in partnership with the British Red Cross and Young Women’s Trust with funding from Spirit of 2012, aims to address low levels of well-being amongst young women and girls in the UK by empowering them to have a voice, be heard and give back to their local community.


Through face-to-face activity sessions, young women and girls will learn about individuals’ rights, empowerment and resilience. They will then be supported to give back to their community through inclusive and meaningful social action opportunities provided by the British Red Cross, as well as receiving specialised leadership training from the Young Women’s Trust.

The girls in the Preston Group are very keen to take up the opportunity to come visit London and visit the Red Cross Archive - with a  particular focus on the huge contributions and leadership of women and have lunch at Head Office. The Group will be joined by Red Cross role models for lunch. If there is time the Group may also arrange a visit to another Museum in London.

From the Calls to Action the group decided that they want to run a pop-up shop. They will collect and make items to sell and thought about combining with some other fundraising activities.

Kate Wilkinson, National President of the YCW, welcomed this fantastic opportunity saying: “We have been working hard over the past year to promote the development of leadership amongst young people and this initiative for young women and girls will really add to this. I’m looking forward to hearing about what they get up to!”