Sandbach YCW Group Visit Refugee Sponsorship House

Over the past year or so, we have been reporting on the amazing progress made by the Sandbach YCW Group in their efforts to sponsor and host a refugee family from Syria.

Recently, the National Training and Development Worker, Marc Besford, visited the house that is being rented by the Parish, to see the DIY work carried out by the young leaders and their fellow parishioners. It is intended that the family will arrive at the house very shortly.

Sandbach Refugee House.jpg

In addition to this, the Group were joined by former National President Ricky Davies who came to speak to them about the current realities of Sandbach, what they liked and disliked and how they could change it.

As part of this they looked at volunteering, helping the local foodbank in the area and talked about loneliness amongst both young and old.

Marc Besford said: "Our movement exists to train young people to be leaders and an inspiration in showing their ability to lead and change the world for the better. I hope by Sandbach’s witness others will see the potential of our young people across the country.”