Adult Companions Gather To Train And Share

Earlier this week the YCW HQ hosted another successful Adult Companions training session.

A mixture of new and existing Companions gathered to discuss the various ways in which they can support the development of the movement and their individual groups. Part of the evening looked specifically at the Friendship Circle, whereby the young people are encouraged to reflect on their lives and the people within them.

It asks them to consider how much they know about these friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues, and how we as Christians ought to live our lives amongst them.

Loneliness 4.jpg

There was also time to share some further examples of best practice and start thinking ahead to the future programme of training that Companions would like to see put on. Some of this will be picked up at the National Council later this month and we will ensure details are shared.

Mgr. John Marsland, National Chaplain for the YCW, reflected on the session, saying: “We had a great turnout and a range of experiences shared throughout the training. It is important that we keep refreshing our approach to being a Companion for our young leaders and I look forward to further sessions in the near future.”