NEC And Trustees Meet To Review And Plan

The YCW Trustees and NEC have gathered together to review the progress of the movement, discuss current plans and prepare for the exciting future ahead, including the upcoming 80th National Council on the 23rd March.


As for any charity, the issue of financial sustainability is paramount and the Trustees examined the latest accounts and projections for the YCW in England and Wales. Updates were given around the charitable grants being sought from funders across the country but also the more sustainable means of regular giving. The finances will be put before the National Council to be scrutinised and approved.

In particular, the funding of the YCW Garden Project was discussed and the plans in place to phase the delivery of this as funding became available. We hope to see positive news on this over the coming year.

Following the Trustees meeting, the NEC took time to review the plans for the National Council. Alongside finance, there was a need to gather the latest position on group development, training, adult companions and the outcomes from the National Campaign on mental health and young people, called MIND! The Gap.

NEC pic.jpg

The focus of the National Council this year will be “Leadership” and how we are all called to be leaders in our own lives. This would coincide with the official launch of our new Leadership Programme, in which young leaders would work develop their leadership skills through their YCW membership. More information on this programme will be shared with Groups, parishes and schools over the coming year.

Once the final bits of preparation for the National Council were complete, the NEC also looked at the resources we had available for young leaders over Lent. These resources are available on our webiste here.

Kate Wilkinson, National President of the YCW, said: “It is really valuable to meet up each month and talk through all that is going on within our movement. From new Groups to exciting plans for our HQ, we have so much to be getting on with! Please keep us in your prayers.”