YCW HQ Hosts Catalonia Chaplain

Last month the YCW HQ had a visit from Fr Pepe Rodado a YCW Chaplain in Catalonia. 

Fr Rodado was visiting the country for a conference on "worker priests", a missionary initiative which sees priests take up work in a trade or profession - historically in an industrial workplace - to experience the everyday life of the working class.

Catalonian Chaplain.jpg

Whilst here, the National Team took the opportunity to discuss and share good practice with Fr Rodado and find out what issues are important to young people in Catalonia.

Currently, the Catalonian YCW are doing a project on immigration and racism over a two year period.

Fr John Marsland, National Chaplain of the YCW, thanked Fr Rodado for taking the time to visit the HQ, saying: "It is always nice to be able to meet up and discuss our movement with our international brothers and sisters. We are always really inspired by their work. I look forward to hearing more about their projects in future."